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Umar Said, ‘Not Every Home Built Upon Love !!!’ – WOW !!!

December 23, 2010

Before you start reading this  just want to emphasise that I heard this incident in a class I attended (shaykh was mentioning it ) , so I am not stating formally as a text with proof, though I know it IS important to say this with proof. My appology!  If anybody can remember the source then please state it, otherwise shaykh is very reliable and was a student of hadith. So I do not think he will tell us something which has a fabricated basis and will hide from us/ not mention to us that its fabricated !

Anyway, the beautiful narration goes like this (again, I am stating it ‘INFORMALLY’ ) :

A man comes to Umar (ra) and says, ”O Amirul Mu’minin! My wife hates me !”

‘Umar (ra) thinking whats wrong with this woman? Why does she hate her husband?! So ‘Umar asked her.

She replied, ” O Amirul Mu’minin! He kept asking me, ‘eTll me by Allah! Tell me by Allah! Do you hate me or not ?’ and then Umar indicates that she should have said it, ‘By Allah I love you !… *and he continues*…… FOR…. NOT EVERY HOME IS BUILT UPON LOVE !


By the way, shaykh was mentioning this  to explain that if  there is a praiseworthy and beneficial goal which CANNOT be achieved without lying then it is permissible to lie in THAT circumstance. So, in marriage there are so many blessings (children etc) that you are allowed to lie to your spouse in order to increase ‘LoVe’ (not ‘hatred’ LOL !) in your relationship.


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