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Understanding Of The Early Generations Of Namimah [Tale -Carrying]

December 23, 2010

‘Umar Ibn ‘abd al Aziz :

When a man came to ‘Umar Ibn Abd Al-Aziz, the great caliph, to inform him of what someone had said about another person, he [ ‘Umar] said,

”If you wish we can varify this matter. If you have lied then you are from this ayah of the Qur’an :

‘O you who believe, when a sinner comes to you with news, verify it’ ,

and if you have spoken the truth then you are from this ayah,

‘the backbiter who goes about slandering’.

Alternatively, we can pardon you.’

The man promtly replied he would like to be pardoned and would never repeat this sin again. ‘Umar bin Abdul Al – Aziz understood that if what the person had related was true, he would be a tale-carrier – and this is a sin – and if he had lied, he would have been a fasiq (a corrupt sinner) whose statements would need to be verified.

Al- Hasan Al-Basri :

Al-Hasan Al-Basri once said,

” If someone comes to you with the statements of others then know that he will go to others with your statements.

In other words, if someone has this bad quality of tale-carrying and comes to you informing you that so-and-so said this about you, then he is like ly to do the same with your statements. He will go to another person and say that you said such and such about him !


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