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You Will Pull Through

July 30, 2012

It’s there, the pain
It’s making you insane
you turn to Allaah and to Him you complain
whilst from sins you try to refrain
your Imaan you try to maintain

you know you can get through this.
you know you are strong
you gotta fight the shaytaan
you gotta prove him wrong

yes the memories will remain
they will haunt you again and again
but this is where the test comes
to the shaytaan will you succumb?

No. your stronger than that
when you give up something for the sake of ur Lord
He provides you with something better
than what you had in the past

He will give you Shelter
At times it may seem real hard
but you will pull through
that is a promise from me to you….



Written by : Sister  Eshal



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