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An experienced cook or an amateur?

May 8, 2012

Well, as everybody would suggest an ‘experienced cook’ of course! …………but you know what happened? For me its the opposite because when I had ‘not that much’ experience I could cook better but now-a-days I am cooking such bad dishes subhanAllah! Mind you this is the time my parents need me most to run their kitchen and I am being such a wasteful , inattentive cook that my dad could not eat properly for days !

My dad is ill, his cholesterol level is high and what am I doing?? Going to the kitchen to pour even more oil in the meal! I was ashamed tonight to see how oil was floating on top of that fish curry! My dad hates oil and so do I BUT I really don’t know whats wrong with my hand and my mind! I just remembered tonight how when I was little I would squeeze the rice and curry with my fingers to take out as much oil as possible from the meal and how easy it was to request not to put that much oil in the curry but now………… everything is on my shoulder! I can’t tell anybody to reduce it because I am the one who is guilty of putting more oil lol!

Tsk tsk ! I just hope I can cook better in days coming because its so shameful for me to see my ill mother going to the kitchen (when I am alive and healthy! ) and cooking for us! I should be the one who should cook for them. Ya Rabb! Help me! …….& readers! Please make dua for my cooking skill ! :)


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