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Love Quotes

December 28, 2011

Love is making someone feel so special even though she has broken your heart so many times !

Love is trying to protect her so carefully knowing she is so imperfect !

Love is losing your love for life, yet keeping those ridiculous ‘promises’ which means ruining your life!


If this is what our ‘love’  life lookes like its high time we should open our eyes and leave those stupid thoughts behind! Live as a rational person, live with a vision . In other words, write down those things which you would want to see as your ‘achievment’ when you die . Rush to gain that and don’t lose your vision! Don’t waste time in those stupid ‘love’ thoughts that stupid bollywood sells !

We are here to worship our Lord, so try to live a halal life as this will be a worship too! Try to bring a positive change in your life and through it a positive change in your community as it IS a worship too ! Otherwise, time will fly away and you will not be able to see any ‘ahievement’ when you die!

Remember, when people die only three things can help them : 1. Never ending charity 2. Beneficial knowledge that one has taught 3. God fearing kids – as it was mentioned or words to that effect in a sahih hadith .

So, yeah, oneday you will die and what will you leave behind to help you in the grave? Only 3 things! We cannot predict the time we will die. It can be an hour later or within 2 seconds or may be 40 years later – who knows??!! Nobody! So, yeah……. have you got anything so far which may help you when you are dead??

No? SubhanAllah!! You cannot  expect your dear ones to do something for you when you are dead ! Just think how much you make dua for your forefathers?? So, try to get those 3 things which may benefit you when you will be helpless in your grave!

Don’t have enough money to give to the mosque or madrassah ? Then try and earn as much halal money as you can, so that you can have power to benefit yourself in the hereafter! Remember, there is no money more honourable than your hard earn money! Living on government benefit while having opportunities to earn yourself is not a dignified way for a muslim to live!

If you are married then try and bring your partner to fulfill your dreams of having righteous kids! Trust me, whatever benefiial thing they will do in this world you will get the rewards for that inshAllah. If you think your partner is not islamically educated/practising enough then try and teach him/her more about Islam . Most of the time I have seen people who start practising lately they even practise Islam more than the person who has showed them the path!

Lastly, try and teach beneficial knowledge even if you know a simple hadith!

Make dua for me and forgive me for my mistakes. Sometimes I get emotional and get carried way and say something which may not be appropriate!




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