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Facebook Friendship And Relationships – Shaykh Yaser Birjas

December 28, 2010

SubhanAllah how many of  RELIGIOUS brothers and sisters will be able to say that ‘I HAVE facebook account but…. I  HAVE  NOT added anyone from opposit gender as my friend’ ???

How Many???

Is that ‘ok’ to have opposite gender as friends in cyber world ???!!!!  WHat about the haya??  Is your spouse going to take it ‘easily ‘ ???

For me to be honest, its a verrrrrry big issue ! If a guy has so many female friends then why does he need a wife?!!!! He doesn’t as he has SO MUCH interest in other women, his wife will be nothing to them !

In this lecture, shaykh Yaser points out the bad affects in our practical life of having friends from opposite gender in facebook etc ( WHERE IS THE HAYA ??? ) :


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