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What To Do To Come Out OF Depression?

December 23, 2010

Assalamualaikum !

You know for a very long time subhanAllah so many things happening to me ( but alhamdulillah Allah is the source of all strength alhamdulillah !) and now I just feel I have lost it !

Even my mum was telling me today, ‘you have come across so much and now how can you break down in such a small calamity (in comparison to what I have faced already!) ?!! ‘ .  I don’t know! I don’t know! I can’t do this anymore!

Now my iman also has gone down so much I do not understand what to do when I am facing another calamity ! My mind does not work !

So, what will you (READER) suggest me to do ? You know I am so annoyed at everything,at everyone and feeling so lonely that sometime I cry but then I think thats NOT the solution ! I have to do something but then I don’t know what to do?!!!! I am lost!

JUst now I looked at the ayah written under the banner of this blog and it restored my strength a bit alhamdulillah but what will you suggest me to fo reader? What should a person/a muslim do when he/she is repeatedly faced with calamities and do not know any way to come out of the situation?!!!



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