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Marriage, the Best Bond for the Lovers

November 23, 2010

Marriage, the Best Bond for the Lovers(1)

By Sheikh Mahmoud M.Al-Istambulli

Ibn A’bbas (May Allah have mercy on them both) related that a man came to the prophet (peace be upon him) and said O messenger of Allah! I am a guardian of an orphan girl. Two men betrothed that girl: one of them is wealthy and the other is poor. We like to give her to the wealthy but she wants the poor! The Prophet said, Marriage is the best thing for lovers. (Reported by Ibn Majah)


1. Love does not, mean the lustful desire. This is a false love. No sooner does a man desire a woman than he hates hereafter satisfying himself. Love, which is mainly portrayed in romantic stories, is just a kind of fiction and dreams. Love only grows between spouses. As years pass, company and kind treatment enhance such love. Real love gradually replaces the illusive love.



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