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Signs Of A Good End (Death)

July 18, 2010

1. Martyrdom

Why do all believers undergo trials of the grave except for shaheed?

“The swords above his head were enough of a trial” ( Nasaai 2065) .

2. Saying the shahadah (declaration of faith) before death

”whoever’s last words are laa ilaha illa Allah enters paradise” (Abu Dawood 3118)

3. Perspiration on the brow (sweat on the brow) :

” The believer dies with perspiration on his brow” (Tirmidhi 998)

4. Death on Thursday evening or Friday

”No Muslim dies on Thursday evening or Friday but that Allah saves him from the torments of the grave” (Tirmidhi 1095)

5. Plague

6. Death by stomach ailment

7. Drowning

8. Being trampled

9. Fire

” The shuhada are five, death by plague, stomach ailment, drowning, trampling….” (Bukhari 653)

” by fire” (Nasaai 3207)

10. Death during childbirth

” And the woman killed by her child during birth” (Ahmed 18272)

11. Death in defence of one’s health

12. Family

13. Life


” whoever is killed in defence of his wealth, family, life and religion is shaheed”

(Abu Dawood 4774)


”Whoever asks Allah for shahadah with sincerity, receives it even though he passes away on his bed” (Muslim 5039)

Source : My notes from ”Fiqh of rites” course.

  1. halima ajimituhuo permalink
    February 10, 2011 1:51 pm

    i am 30yrs old, a widow, mother of three, a girl and two boys, i want to brought my children in a Godly way, how can i achieve that please advise me. thanks.

    • March 17, 2011 8:20 am

      Assalamualaikum ya Ukhti !

      I am really sorry for the much delayed reply. SubhanAllah ukhti I can feel pain through your words sis but know that this world is the place where we will be tested to see who is Allah’s true (means patient and beloved) slave and who is the ungrateful slave of Allah and according to our activities we’ll get the reward or punishment in akhira.

      Ukhti we came in this world alone and will go back alone again, so in this world no one is powerful except whom Allah favours with His strength. So, ask Allah for His divine help and inshAllah I’ll post about parenting/single parenting issue soon inshAllah.

      Take care of yourself sis and make dua for me inshAllah.

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