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Your Honour Is With Islam

July 2, 2010

Umar ibn Khattab (ra) said after the conquest of Jerusalem , to the Muslims –

“You were a despised people in the world. It is Islam that has given you dignity, prestige and unity. Remember whenever you would think of acquiring honour in the name of anything other than Islam, Allah will bring disgrace and shame on you.”

So strive hard O Muslim, and never give up.. through all the tests and trials of this world, know that if you keep your duty to Allah – He promises to help you in ways you could not even imagine.. know that this life is just a quick passing enjoinment, and just a temporary abode for us, we are just travellers passing through…if you chose to follow the path of Islam – know that you will face many hard tests without a doubt – but what is our destination? Jannah!

How much do we want it? Let’s get busy!


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