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Women conversating with Foreign Men has Stipulations

March 1, 2010

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent Most Merciful,

Women conversating with Foreign Men has Stipulations

by the Sheikh Saalih al-Fouzaan (may Allah preserve him)


What is the ruling on a woman speaking with the owner of a store or a tailor? Hoping for a comprehensive instruction directed towards the women.


A woman conversating with a store owner with (proper) conversation with what is required and which there is no fitnah contained in it (i.e. being loose, alluring etc.) then there is no problem with that.

For the women (of the past) used to speak with the men in times of necessity and concerns that which no fitnah were found in them (the conversations) and they were within the context of the requisite.

As for (the conversation) being comprised of laughing or smiling or with a tempting and seductive voice then this is (totally) forbidden and isn’t permitted. Allah Glorified be He and Most High said addressing the Wives of His Prophet -sallahu ‘alayhi wasallam-: (So be not soft in speech, lest he in whose heart their is a disease should be moved with desire, but speak in a honourable manner).33:32

In a honourable manner is what is approved of (from good) to the people (containing no looseness or flirtaciousness or the likes) and to the extent of the need. But whoever exceeds that for instance the conversation consists of laughing and smiling or with an attractive voice or other than that or if she uncovers her face in front of him or her arms then all of this is prohibited and objectional and is from the reasons of fitnah coming about and falling into vile acts.

So it is obligatory upon the muslimah women who fears Allah the Mighty and Sublime to have taqwah of Allah and to not speak with foreign men (who she can marry) with speech that will cause them to desire her and trouble their hearts. Stay away from this (evil) affair!

However if she has to go to the tailor or to a place where men are present then she must be modest and cover herself and adorn herself with the morals of al-Islaam. And if she speaks with men then let her speak honorably which there is no fitnah or dubiosity in it.



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