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Sourcing Back……

January 24, 2010


In Islam we give respect & rights according to what people deserve . We do not oppress neither we take over other possesion without people’s consent. Muslims rank is raised according to their consciousness of Allah. Therefore, is it not befitting that when we post others articles on our websites or blogs we source these back to the place where it has been taken from?

I was not used to post articles etc on different sites . Thus I got confused when I first wanted to do so. I was wondering whther I am allowed to post others articles or not. Then I asked ‘Quran.jem’ about the permissibility and they said ‘of course you can post as long as you leave a link of our website under the post’ or words to that effect. Another time, I asked ‘islamway’ about the permissibility and they said the same thing. SubhanAllah then I was thinking isn’t it our common sense which should lead us to do that (sourcing back) ???

This thing IS concerning me because I have come across many posts in different sites, blogs where it wasn’t sourced back rather it was posted in a manner that one who doesn’t know where it has been taken from will think ‘oh ! This blog’s author is the writer of this post’  i.e. after mentioning many points from a certain post writing something like ‘ I cannot remember anyother points right now’ etc which clearly shows he/she is the creator of the post which actually isn’t the case ! I feel so bad when people do that but may be they are not doing it concsiously, probably its a mistake only.

………..but isn’t it time to think? Specially when people praise for the post (whether its poem or article) saying something like, ‘wow ! Very nice / beneficial post’, ‘wow ! your article is amazing’ etc ? We do not forget to mention our blog / website’s name after any post in any website but we most often forget to give the credits to others. Muslim should be more concerned about violating others rights than people violating their rights.

Recently in my blog I posted something about Qur’an memorisation and I was confused whether I should mention the source afterwards or not as I heard that website’s members have some ‘problems’ in their belief but then I was thinking wouldn’t it be a dhulm because the way its written people might think I’ve written it? Then I mentioned the place where I took it from but I also left a notice for readers there.

We should always remember its like an amanah inshAllah and Allah loves who care about His slaves. Its a reminder for me first and then others. Please forgive me if I have said something wrong and please kindly note that this post doesn’t aim to criticise or bash anyone rather its just a reminder as reminders help the believers inshAllah. We all do mistakes and through mistakes we learn.


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