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Hifz-ul Quran :: Memorizing the Quran (Part 1 Overview)

January 18, 2010

حفظ القرآن


1. Definition

Hafiz-ul Qur’an is the person who is haamil, `aamil, and kaamil of Allah’s words.

2. Before Hifz

– Ikhlas (proper intentions)
– Must have correct makhraj/tajweed (must read well)
– Better if one is fluent with the reading (easily reads any page)
– Test self for a period of time (see if you have the ability)
– Practice/develop ablility

3. Misconceptions

– You do not have to know Arabic to memorize
– Age/Gender is not an issue
– Every Muslim must live the Qur’an (not just a hafiz)
– Everyone’s ability/capacity is different
– The Qur’an has been made easy to remember (54: 17)
– It’s not you; it’s Allah (Everything is but within His Will)

4. Methods/Types/System of Memorization

– May differ from country/tradition/teacher
– Memorize pages from ‘last juz to first’ or ‘first juz to last’ methods
– Indian, Egyptian, Turkish, Mauritanian, Malay…etc. ways

5. Memorization tips

– Ask Allah to make it easy for you (du`a is gold)
– Use 1 same copy of Qur’an (is best) and always handle with wudhu, respect and love.
– Study with a clock (time is silver; keep track of it while working on page)
– Memorize “firmly” (make it the best you can)
– Study in a volume enough for yourself to hear (ear helps in memorizing)
– Don’t sway back and forth, though is very tempting (it’s actually against the sunnah)
– Do not speed (*try* to read with tarteel; the slower the stronger)
– Don’t ask someone if a page is hard/easy (psyche: “it is easy”)
– Read page before memorizing it (at least 8 times, will make easier)
– If you do not know meaning read translation before/after memorizing (depends if it makes it easier for you or more confusing)
– Ask others on how they memorize (to develop your own method)
– You usually develop your own scheme by time (which ever works best for you)
– Always let someone listen to you (before the teacher finally does!) esp. with memorization of new pages
– Audio cass./CD/recordings may help (listen to it before memorizing)
– Time of day (morning/suhoor when mind is fresh is best)
– Your ability expands (inshaAllah) as you memorize.

6. While doing hifz

– Patience, patience, patience
– Tawakkul in Allah (also remember it is a matter of naseeb)
– Follow the sunnah (hygiene esp. teeth, noon fiesta, tahajjud would be great…etc)
– Eat halal & do halal (Allah makes it easier)
– Concentration (keep away from distractions & thoughts esp. those from Shaytaan)
– Use time wisely (Don’t waste it)
– Ask for du’as (from everyone; your mom, dad, teacher…)
– Make dua for others who are doing hifz (remember the angels reply: “the same on you”)
– Choose your friends (friendships where both are beneficial to each other during hifz)
– Remember your enemy: Shaytaan (Seek refuge in Allah)
– Don’t forget to sleep/chill (refresh)
– No music/TV is best (preoccupies the mind, wastes time, amongst other reasons…)
– Don’t eat too much, or too little (makes sleepy – need energy)
– Dried grapes, sweets, honey, fruits are advised
– Don’t compare yourself with others (you are you)
– Avoid telling others your achievements in hifz (Nazar: Evil Eye)
– An institution is best for hifz (has a set program; more sense of order/importance)
– Respect/follow/recognize teacher (he/she knows you best)
– Never give up (be strong)

7. After hifz

– Throw a party, give sadaqa, start praying tahajjud (all thanks are due to Allah)
– Revise (tie camels) from memory as well as from Mushaf (daily)
– Teach what you’ve been blessed with (give its sadaqa)
– Audio cassettes/CDs are great (while driving, cooking, roaming…whenever possible)
– Join/lead the congregation & read for daily prayers (key: Taraweeh prayers in Ramadhan)
– Love it, live it, build upon it.

8. Warning: You may end up with a hump in your back, glasses in front of your eyes, and/or muscular pains/strains on your neck as a result of hifz, just as the result of blisters on hands from using a pencil. But hey, it’s worth it : )

9. Rewards/Benefits

– Dunyawi (improved memory, discipline…etc.)
– Ukhrawi (as mentioned in the Qur’an & hadith)

10. Motivational

– Articles
– Stories from Sahaba
– Personal stories
– Biographies


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One Comment
  1. faiza permalink
    September 19, 2011 9:51 am

    Assalam alakum!
    Jazak Allah. this post have really motivated me. InshaAllah i’ll try to follow the instructions. May Allah help me and all those who are interested in hifz and learning from Quran. I’ve a weak memory and my age is 31 years. What motivated me is the ayat quoted above “The quran has been made easy to remember”. May Allah Almighty send His karam and taufeeq to help us.
    My aamaal do not worth any favor but being ummati of beloved prophet (pbuh) i expect lot of favors and love from Allah.
    fee aman Allah

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